Posted on August 21, 2023. Written by: Pratul Venkatesh

Building and procuring reliable systems is essential to every walk of life. Any system, device or resource which is unreliable leads to inefficiencies that can hamper the overall progress and development. A stable and reliable system is essential to anything, and upon which MANY rely on. Some aspects have more dependencies than others, such as a laptop or a computer, while others although small, such as a working fridge and breakfast, need to have a good working system established in order to accommodate those with an already complicated work process/schedule that requires intense focus. For any organization ensuring that everything is working is important, but to start off one must begin with investing towards the systems with high dependencies that can help significantly (such as ensuring good electronics and devices for a workplace.)

You expect your fridge to run every day without fail. When it fails all goes to hell. All company's products and ventures should be developed keeping this reliability in mind.

A good thing to mention in a company motto too.

Originally written: 28 November 2022, after my fridge stopped working.