Being Content with Oneself

Posted on August 27, 2023. Written by: Pratul Venkatesh

People seem to have lost the ability to just be able to sit down with themselves and think. People find it weird when they see someone just sitting by themselves deep in thought. It looks strange I admit, but this act of assessment by onlookers alludes to a pressure to always be constantly doing something- looking down and scrolling at your phone or being engaged in some work, or to always be around another person, or pretending to be asleep just to avoid attention. Not even allowed to be curious and look around and take in one’s surroundings.

People don't spend time with themselves, to understand themselves, always in a motion to try and fill it with activities, seeing it as if it were a gap to be filled. We need to spend time to introspect, catch up with ourselves and our bodies. We notice something only when it starts aching. But till then did you even know that it was there?


The above image is of a group of motionless pigeons. Probably self-introspecting.

Looking at it all, if there is something every person could learn and discover, is how to be content with oneself. When you can look after yourself and be content, you enable yourself to better handle everything else in the world out there. Environments around us change, people around us change, some things last for a long long time, but nothing remains forever and the only thing that'll last through this entire journey of yours, is just you and yourself. For that, take care of yourself.

Summary quote:

"The only person who'll be there to take care of you through it all, through the entire journey of your life, is yourself. Learn to take care of yourself and you'll soon find a deeper appreciation and care for the world around, and in time be able to build more meaningful relationships and connections."