A Societal Failure

Posted on October 22, 2023. Written by: Pratul Venkatesh

Have we failed at society? Given a promise of a life that was never meant to be? Capitalistic greed, endless pursuits, consumer psychology manipulations, all plaguing the dream we so desperately sought. The only animal that pays to live on this planet, they said. Rat races, cold shoulders, and stifling mental health endemics- part two of the plague I dread. A world where we appreciate more the ones who can buy and flaunt something rather than the ones who can actually make those things.

I seek the moments of love where there is music in the background of my memories when there actually was none. I seek the moments of sportsmanship and being able to call another ‘compadre’, where we challenge the limits of our body strength, and that's all that matters. I seek the moments of work where I can be blessed to call it my ikigai, where there is respect, mutual respect, care, shared visions, and a diffusion of ideas, not just a promise of a paycheck to barely sustain my life for the next day. If you choose to be happy, how can you sit quiet while the rest of the population yet suffers. It's overwhelming otherwise, but I'd say our care and attention as an overall society is too little too less. Where's the love where's the warm embrace that we all so desperately rummage.

Where's the dream where's the society that I so vehemently crave.

Orignally written: September 18, 2023.

Where Did The People Go?

Posted on October 22, 2023. Written by: Pratul Venkatesh

Children - everyone had complex personalities - unique and bright.

The adult? A factory output.

Every single person drew, read, wrote, danced, sang and ran. Many at times not even good at it (supposedly), but atleast they did.

Now it feels like chasing personalities, "Oh you do this? That's so cool!," they said so emptily, not remembering the time when we all did.

Orignally written: June 7, 2023.

Passing Perspectives

Posted on December 1, 2023. Written by: Pratul Venkatesh

When you pass by on a plane, you see it ALL, but that is all you see.

When you pass by on a train, you see the landscape, but that is all you see.

When you drive by in a car or on a bus, you feel the traffic, you feel the society, and you begin to feel the land, but that is all you see.

When you cycle by, you begin to feel the shape of the land, the uphill and downhill that your legs so tirelessly loathe and relish, respectively, but that is all you s̶e̶e̶ feel.

When you walk, you feel the land for all it is. You see the nooks and crannies, the possibilities and limits, you may yet feel the history of the land you walk on, and thus now that is all you can feel.

The further involvement, is by the one, who laid the road, built the buildings brick upon brick, knowledge in entirety, yet the involved individuals had only contributed their parts, a piece to the bigger puzzle, the puzzle that life is.

Orignally written: April 24, 2023.