How To Move Towards a Self-Driving Car Society

Posted on October 22, 2023. Written by: Pratul Venkatesh

This is a 20-30 year long-term vision.

Mix of human drivers with self-driving cars ❌

Entirely just self-driving cars ✅

Why? Efficiency increases significantly.

How a self-driving cars society might look like, from one of my favourite TV shows "Upload".

A good video explaining traffic, and also why human driving will always be inefficient.

Currently one can invest heavily in 5G/6G/(7G?) connectivity, IoT technologies and related research. This connectivity at all intersections will facilitate the rapid network needed.

Work to standardize self-driving car technology guidelines and regulations. Soon mandate new vehicles manufactured to atleast have the capability to upgrade to self-driving (in the form of digital remote control.)

This is also a reason to invest in electric vehicles! EVs are much easier to upgrade to self-driving considering that they are essentially an electronically controlled motor moving the vehicle, certainly much easier than digitally controlling a traditional gasoline engine vehicle.

Some more reasons to invest in EVs can be found in the subsequent blogpost!

Roll out region by region, create neighborhoods where only self-driving cars are allowed. Entering such a neighborhood automatically switches to self-driving mode with early warning and indications in route planners.

Expand until entire city is just a network of self-driving cars.

This is the future. Invest towards it.

Additional Note: While other places might take some time to catch up with making the roads and traffic more orderly, I believe Singapore will be one of the leaders in this area, with related research and progress already underway.

Why Invest in Electric Vehicles?